12v stop solenoid for Kubuta D905, D1005, D1105, D1105T, V1205, V1305, V1505, V1505T engines. 


Note there are different types*. Compare the photographs to ensure you order the correct type for your application:

Green top, Part No: 9/17208

Woodward (silver body), Part No: 9/17454

*There is a third, rare type of solenoid found on some of these engines, it is unusual in that it is energised to stop, unlike the others we list which are energise to run! Two-bolt fixing, two wire, two pin plug. Part No: 9/16271

Compare the pictures before ordering 



​All items are checked as working when they leave our care. As we have no way to determine if an electrical part was used for troubleshooting by the purchaser and damaged during that process, we do NOT allow returns for electrical items. Please be certain of your need for an electrical item before placing an order and that your installation of it will not damage it. 

Solenoid to suit Kubota D905 D1005 D1105 D1105T V1205 V1305 V1505 V1505T