Cleaning: All components chemical cleaned, paint removed and descaled back to bare metal.

Cylinders: Rebore & hone cylinder bores, resurface top deck, re-tap all threaded block holes.

Crankshaft: Visual inspection, re-tap flywheel bolt holes, “NDT” crack test,

measure journals, polish or regrind as necessary.

Conrods: Visual inspection, check & replace small end as required, measure big end bore and proof hone or resize as required. Check for bend and twist.

Gears: Visual inspect fuel cam, valve cam, gears & governor parts. Replace

parts if required. Cam followers re-faced.

New parts fitted: Pistons, rings, main bearings, conrod bearings, crank – thrust

washers, core plugs.

Assembly Fit up conrod and main bearings prior to assembly and check running

clearances, measure piston to bore clearances, measure ring gaps. Fit core plugs to block, paint block, fit crankshaft assembly to block, fit piston & conrod assemblies to block, fit fuel & valve cams – gear train, measure and adjust piston heights as required.

D1105 three-cylinder

  • You must remove the following before returning your old short motor for exchange:

    Cylinder head, fuel pump, timing cover, rear crank seal, flywheel or

    back plate, oil pick up pipe, sump.


    *Exchange rules

    Item returned for exchange must be of the same type – no parts missing, no broken crankshaft or cylinder block damage eg – frost, holes, broken casting or excessive corrosion. The fuel pump and injectors (core engine) must be correct for the model, cylinder head must be part of the replaced engine and not substituted. All timing gears and valve gear must be complete, assembled scrap for the purpose of returning an old unit will not be accepted, stillage must be returned undamaged.

    Charges will be applied if unsuitable old units are presented for exchange.

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